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Stephenson: Parting shots

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

In an article written by Megan Tackett in the Aspen Daily News, Joe Disalvo is quoted: “I’ve known every jail administrator that’s been at that jail since the jail opened. Kim Vallario, bar none, was the best, most professional, most experienced walking in there.”

I have a problem with this quote. The first jail administrator was Bob Braudis, Joe’s alleged mentor. What an insult to the only man to whom Joe owes his career. The second was Lorrie White, an empath; the third was Jeanne Lederer, a recovering addict that Bob and Lorrie felt deserved a shot at a new life; and the fourth was the incomparable Don Bird, who gave his life and soul to the position for over 30 years.

I do not know Kim Vallario. But, I knew the previous jail administrators throughout my 34-year career. Joe’s comments are insulting to them at best and untrue at worst.

Ann Stephenson