Stephenson: Don’t like the association |

Stephenson: Don’t like the association

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Mismanagement of the Pitkin County Jail resulted in a decision to transfer the care of detainees in our county to the Garfield County Jail and the hiring of Kim Vallario to replace Don Bird as jail administrator. Lest we forget news from less than a month ago, Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario, husband of the current Pitkin County jail administrator, is the target of an active investigation by the Colorado Secretary of State for campaign violations due to his supporting Republican Lauren Boebert in her bid for re-election using his taxpayer-funded phone and computer.

“The Complaint alleges Respondents (Garfield County Sheriff) used those official resources to support a congressional candidate, deride the candidate’s opponent, make false statements about Complainant, and make political statements and endorsements in violation of Colorado law.” CBS News, Sept. 21.

Mr. Vallario sent the following missive from his official email account:

“Hi, this is Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario calling on behalf of Lauren Boebert for Congress. Make no mistake, Lauren Boebert is the only candidate in the Republican primary supporting law enforcement,” the email says. “I strongly encourage you to vote for Lauren Boebert and get your ballot turned in today.” Denver Post, Sept. 19.

Do we really want our Sheriff’s Office to be so intimately linked to the Vallario family?

Ann Stephenson