Stephenson: About that Lift Vodka investigation |

Stephenson: About that Lift Vodka investigation

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

CRS 44-3-307 (2)(b) says that a peace officer described in CRS 16-2.5-103 (Sheriff) is prohibited to “operate a licensed premises that is located in the same jurisdiction that employs the peace officer.”

CRS 44-3-407(1) (a) requires wholesalers to get a license for the premises where it stores and, in DiSalvo’s words, “schleps” bottles to restaurants. 

The gift from Lance Armstrong to our sheriff is not nominal nor for a special occasion. Labor Day is now a “special occasion” to receive a gift? One has to ask why the ownership was first denied and then identified as a 5% gift off the books. As Bob Braudis himself would say, “If it doesn’t pass the smell test ….”

If you have voted, thank you for exercising that all important right. If you still have not voted, please vote for Michael Buglione for sheriff.

Ann Stephenson