Stephens: Shaking things up the wrong way

For the people who think Lauren Boebert is doing her job, here’s a bit of information for you:

She has voted against (just a sampling): sex trafficking bill, veteran aid for burn pits, access to baby formula act that required the government to waive certain requirements for low income families using WIC to continue buying through vouchers, the National Bone Marrow registry, violence against women act, equal rights amendment ratification (she actually said this bill was about giving gays, lesbians and transgenders supremacy over the rest of America), protecting senior workers against discrimination in the workplace, improving health of children act, which would protect children suffering from birth defects and other developmental disorders, expanding EV charging networks, protection from wildfires, improvements to public transportation, creating high paying jobs for infrastructure and access to clean drinking water.

Do any of these bills sound like something you would have been happy to have passed? Some of them did pass, no thanks to her.

A few months ago, she wrote an editorial in The Grand Junction Sentinel that touted nine wins, but she voted against every one of them.

She is under investigation for breaking campaign law as of June (again!).

I know you voted for her before because you wanted to shake things up in Washington. But don’t you want a representative that actually tries to get things done for us, all of her constituents? Don’t you want a representative that isn’t in the office to grow her social media status?

Don’t you want a representative that doesn’t pretend she’s a Christian (see her comments about Jesus carrying a gun). Jesus was about love, not hate or fear.

Candy Stephens

Grand Junction