Steindler: Grew into excellence |

Steindler: Grew into excellence

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I worked as a Pitkin County sheriff’s deputy for almost 20 years. Sheriff Bob Braudis originally hired me, and, when Joe DiSalvo became sheriff, I worked for him.

In my opinion, over the years, Joe grew to be an excellent sheriff. His philosophy has always been in keeping with the values of the community and the values of his mentor and friend Bob Braudis. Joe and his team have put together a cohesive group of professionals that serve and protect our community.

It is no accident that the men and women of the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office are of such excellent caliber. It is a direct result of Joe DiSalvo’s leadership. 

The bullying and vitriolic hate-mongering exhibited by some people in the community, people who think they know something ,or by disgruntled ex-employees of the Sheriff’s Office are examples of what is dividing this country.

Please do not be misled by these people. Vote for integrity. Vote for Joe DiSalvo.

Jesse Steindler