Spatz: The real deal |

Spatz: The real deal

Let me tell you about the real Skippy, the loving, caring, thoughtful son and grandson.

We were at a family dinner when my father came down the hall, pushing my mother in her wheelchair. Skippy was the one to jump up from the table and tell my father he would take care of grandma. He was age 8.

From ages 10 to 14, he regularly insisted on going to my father-in-law’s (Papa) Parkinson’s exercise classes and exercising with him.

At age 16, when Papa was in ICU, Skippy lay in bed with him every day for two weeks despite school and Mom’s objections.

At age 21, Skippy was holding my father’s hand as he was passing. 

I have limited words, so I just highlighted some of who Skippy really is. He’s the same loving, caring person today.

I’m so very blessed to have Skippy as a (step) son.

Larry Spatz

Snowmass Village