Sparhawk: We’ll miss Mike Kaplan

Over decades as a leadership consultant and trainer, I have worked with hundreds of managers and executives. When I say Mike Kaplan is an amazing leader, it is because of what I have learned during those years:

• You can teach managers listening skills, but you cannot teach them to care.
• You can show them how to be more transparent, but you cannot teach integrity.
• You can give them skills in be more present, but you cannot teach authenticity. 
• You can help them understand the importance of each person’s role, but you cannot teach humility.
• You can demonstrate how to ask better questions, but you cannot teach them to want to hear opposing opinions.

We see Mike on cold, crowded days loading lifts, not for a few minutes that look good, but for hours, wearing a nametag that simply says Mike Kaplan. He lives the qualities that cannot be taught.

He genuinely respects and values each of us in the organization. Because of how he treats us, we respect and value him.

Mike, you are truly one in a million. I know I speak for many when I say, “We will miss you.”

Sally Sparhawk

Snowmass Village