Soldner: What I learned about 15 minute parking |

Soldner: What I learned about 15 minute parking

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Recently, the Aspen Parking Department made a big change to our parking meters that I think needs to be brought to the attention of anyone who has been trying to use the 15-minute, once-a-day free parking option and noticed it’s gone! 

As far as I know, this was not announced publicly.

A few days ago, I met and spoke with a sympathetic parking-meter attendant I happen to meet at a pay meter while I was attempting to figure out what had happened. I also went to the Parking Department and spoke with a nice staff person directly.

They said they removed the 15 minute once-a-day option because “it confused the tourists” (Because it’s so darn hard to read the time selection options at the bottom of the meter screen?), and “some folks were abusing it.” Hmmm.

I’m not arguing with this reasoning, but they should have alerted locals how to continue using the 15 minute once-a-day option, so we can continue to conduct brief day-to-day business around town. 

It’s not easy but possible:

  1. First you must get the PayByPhone ppp on your phone (eliminating those that don’t have phones).
  2. You must also register your credit card even though 15 minute parking is free. (Also eliminates those without cards). 
  3. When you open the app, choose your location. 
  4. Enter or choose your license plate number. 
  5. Here’s the bizarre part: If you don’t want to pay by the hour, you must tap on the green square in the upper left hand corner of your phone to get to the 15 minute option. 
  6. Then enter this code: 2514. 
  7. Press continue and hope the third party pay-parking company recognizes your credit card. Otherwise they will deny your attempt.
  8. Call the Parking Department for help: 970-920-5267 and listen to the menu to speak to a person Monday through Thursday 8:30-5, Friday 9:30-5. 

If you visit, here are other helpful codes on a printed business card they will give you:
2414 Free 15 minutes (valid once a day).
2515 15 minutes for $.50 (valid once a day).
2516 30 minutes for $1.00 (valid once a day).
2400 Downtown Core (four-hour maximum/day).
2401 Residential Zones.
Happy parking! 

Stephanie Soldner