Solar farm belongs in our backyard |

Solar farm belongs in our backyard

Two articles in The Aspen Times this week draw out the battle lines around the proposed solar farm in Woody Creek, and though I’m surprised to see conservationist role models like Tony Vagneur and Wayne Etheridge representing the opposition, perhaps I shouldn’t be. After all, at 37, I’m just old enough to remember the last great NIMBY victory of the Woody Creatures, under the battle cry “there is some s— we won’t eat.”

By coincidence, 1995 also marked the closure of the Sanitation District’s solid waste disposal site, now an empty field located next door to my house at W/J. Perhaps that was the s— Woody Creek had been eating?

At the time I was 14 years old, and the argument made a lot of sense to me. Why should humble Woody Creek be subject to the effluent of the affluent as they enjoy the fantasy land of Aspen? When I think of the massive carbon output represented by our profligate energy use here in the upper Roaring Fork Valley, and the consequence of that profligacy to distant lands and people, I would ask a similar question.

If we won’t eat that s—, why should anyone else?

In consideration of the proposed solar plant, I humbly suggest adoption of a different slogan: “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they’ll never sit in.”

Yes in my backyard.

Tyler Lindsay