So many benefits with Lift One project |

So many benefits with Lift One project

Development is a trying process, especially in a town as beloved and historic as Aspen. It requires planning, consensus and a willingness to release our attachments to the past.

My firm and I were involved in the first attempt to renovate Lift One almost 15 years ago, both as citizens and architects. The new Lift One corridor proposal is now tailored to the interests of Aspen’s citizens and visitors, while allowing us more convenient access to Aspen mountain and myriad benefits to boot.

The new access points to Aspen Mountain ski resort will make skiing more convenient, reduce traffic, plus provide a brand new “telemix” chairlift. Summers in Aspen will be greener, more fun and more spacious, as well. The Lift One Corridor Plan creates a new park the size of Wagner Park — another marquee public space for events, families and relaxation.

This park will also surround a beautiful new plaza. As you enter the plaza, the original Lift One from 1946 and the historic gantry will welcome you. To your right, the Ski History Museum offers coffee and patio seating. On your left, the Skiers Chalet Steakhouse is open as in the past. Expect public parking, affordable housing, ski lockers, and ski services all contributing to a new portal.

But these benefits come at a cost. Can we intrude into 500 feet of the lower ski hill? I think we can manage. Let’s bring downtown Aspen up a notch.

Vote “yes” for the Lift One corridor proposal.

Bill Poss