Skippy wants to win honestly |

Skippy wants to win honestly

You deserve a representative who treats you with respect and honesty, whether it benefits them or not.

Recently, an op-ed and a letter to the editor containing misleading information were published. I am correcting the record so you may vote based on accurate information.

The op-ed stated, “I (Bert Myrin) am the only City Council candidate against contributing $4.36 million of our community tax dollars, (and) against sacrificing affordable housing for 44.9 employees.” This is untrue.

I am unequivocally against any reduction in affordable housing mitigation and unnecessary investment of city funds. In a Jan. 28 Aspen Times interview, I stated “1. I would never sacrifice housing for any development. 2. I would not put city funds into subsidies of $1,000-plus/night hotel rooms.” My position has been consistent throughout seven public forums, a multitude of posts and questionnaires, my website, and my record at P&Z meetings going back years. Tellingly, Bert sits on the council that permitted this incentive program, resulting in less affordable housing, without any attempt to alter the code.

This article also implies that a “No” on 1A is possible, which is misleading. Both a “yes” and a “no” vote result in development, just of different types.

In a recent letter, a citizen concerned with an “under-parked project” wrote, “(P&Z) ignored the concerns and voted 4-3 to approve. … A vote for Mesirow will be a vote for development.” This represents a fundamental misunderstanding of what P&Z does. We approve or deny projects based on existing code, not opinions in the room. Parking met the code set forth by this council. I am running precisely to create better policy that will protect against overdevelopment.

I have approached my campaign with straightforwardness, respect, a willingness to listen, and an acceptance of differing viewpoints. I have knocked on the doors of more than 4,000 voters, speaking to each with 100 percent candor. That’s how we passed 2A with over 2,400 votes!

I am always available to you for further discussion at / 847-530-0811 /

Please vote March 5!

Skippy Mesirow


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