Skippy has my vote |

Skippy has my vote

In summer 2015, I visited the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies to meet a new member of the volunteer board for Aspen City of Wellbeing, Skippy Mesirow. Our organization was new, and we were seeking volunteers as we refined our mission/vision for how best to serve the community.

As we launched into brainstorming, I was struck by Skippy’s enthusiasm. His intelligence was evident, but it was his desire to simply help that caught my attention and laid the foundation for a friendship/working relationship I deeply value to this day.

Skippy always shows up and that is an invaluable trait. We’ve collaborated many times and I know I can count on him to be where he says he will be when he says he will be there and to do exactly what he promised. Skippy is simply dependable.

Skippy is generous with his ideas. He never holds back on sharing a great insight or feedback because he wants to see people and organizations succeed. Skippy puts the cause first and himself second.

Skippy is kind. This is why he is one of my dearest friends but also one of my most trusted colleagues. Over the four years we have been friends, we have covered a lot of ground in conversation as we hiked Smuggler, skied Ajax or grabbed coffee at Spring Street Cafe.

Skippy is an example of a purpose-driven person. He knows there are larger causes than himself, and he sincerely wants to serve the greater good. The world can always use more people who are answering a deeper calling and Skippy is fearless in pursuit of his call to serve.

I’m happy to endorse Skippy for council but beyond that, I am grateful to count him as a friend. Aspen is lucky to have such a talented man ready to serve this city.

Jess Ewart