Skarvan: We’re picking up! |

Skarvan: We’re picking up!

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Our third annual Fall Trash Crush community cleanup and environmental stewardship event Oct. 14 was successful. Longtime residents — eight strong, brought together by our passion for caring for our backyard — removed litter along our roads and paths.

With just part of our goal accomplished, we need more support in a town of almost 8,000 residents who really enjoy nature and all it offers. 

It’s not just about removing toxic litter. It’s about sharing stewardship to create the multiplier effect, with much more power in numbers! We realize many locals do their own thing, which is precisely the goal. If most of us do a bit, it will mean a lot for nature and, therefore, all life on Earth. Litter is the only type of pollution individuals can easily and readily eliminate. Grab gloves or a pet pickup, then go for it! 

I’d like to express sincere gratitude to the caring volunteers who supported our fall cleanup, including Highway 82 Aspen to Difficult and Maroon Creek Road to Highlands. Big thanks to presenting sponsors Pristine Riders and Sun Dog Athletics.

Huge thanks to volunteers Karen Bromka, Will Goddard aka “Willy,” Diane and Jeff Lizotte, Steve Loomis, Brett Nelson, Ned Sullivan, Adopt a Highway partner CDOT and generous sponsors Babs at Big Wrap for our volunteer lunch, Ainsley Brosnan-Smith from city of Aspen and Cathy Hall at Pitkin County Landfill.

Pristine Riders is a 501(c)(3) non-profit composed of local cyclists combining our love of cycling and nature. We enthusiastically encourage picking up litter each ride and giving a little back to the environment that gives us everything. Like Pristine Riders on Facebook for details, including how to score a free bike jersey and supporting the cause, being part of the solution to litter pollution!

Erik Skarvan, Pristine Riders