Skarvan: Litter, litter everywhere, but pickup day soon |

Skarvan: Litter, litter everywhere, but pickup day soon

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

While walking or riding around Aspen, I nurture my mind, body, and spirit — the Aspen Idea. I also reduce my carbon footprint and notice a lot more, including wildlife. I spot litter and conveniently stop and pick it up. I clearly note our primary sources of litter, including motorists, over 1,000 construction sites, markets, schools, and public parking lots.

I recently witnessed historic amounts of litter in the Buttermilk parking lot. Although the slopes were graciously groomed post-season, there were trash and beer cans shredded in the groomers’ wake. At the top, the Cliffhouse was enveloped by trash. I was heartbroken. While removing much of it, I felt better. I shared “Littermilk” images on social media to inform and inspire others, depending on their level of awareness and caring. 

I rode my bike from Cemetery Lane to McClain Flats on Sunday and was bowled over by the sheer volume of litter, empty beer cans, and even a bottle of urine in the lengthy unsavory litter buffet. Is this our cherished local road or a trashed interstate highway? Castle Creek Road to Midnight Mine Road isn’t much better, most litter I’ve seen in 40 years of local riding. 

Let’s be part of the solution to litter pollution!

Our eighth annual Pristine Riders Trash Crush community cleanup is being held May 26. We’ll meet at North Star Nature Preserve’s north gate (note change), gear up, perform a quick cleanup of our roads and paths, and then enjoy lunch courtesy of Silverpeak Grill. Biking or walking highly-encouraged.

Caring for our backyard is clearly and dearly needed. Contact me at for details and registration. Like Pristine Riders on Facebook for fresh, trashy updates, including how to join our mission and score a free PR bike jersey! 

Erik Skarvan