Skarvan: I cannot remain silent

Referring to Lo’s amusing column in the Aspen Daily News, “Putting the S back in Highlands Bowl,” considering all historical and modern references to our favorite bowl — except one placard which Lo rests his ski hat on — the “S” isn’t happening, except for truth deniers. I believe ASC shares my sentiment.

Cutting to the chase, Lo should query “new local” (the only folks, according to Lo, calling it Highland Bowl) legendary Aspen Highlands Ski Patrol Director Mac Smith to clarify. When I interviewed Mac a few times, he unequivocally confirmed the name, recognizing and respecting history.

Going into history, he also spoke of close friends ski patrollers Chris Kessler, Craig Soddy, and Tom Snyder, who perished in the infamous ’84 avalanche in the bowl that rocked Aspen. Ask Mac. It’s really that simple, if one needs a larger mountain of evidence. 

Our rich skiing history is something that makes us special and is a point of pride. We should learn from and honor our history, fundamental to being a local. 

I cannot remain silent. It would be negligent. As a 40-year aspiring ski bum, my first 25 skiing Ajax almost daily, I finally experienced the rich rewards of earning turns in Highland Bowl after opening in ’99. I’ve hiked, skinned, and skied countless laps since, several years as an ASC weekly blogger, sharing the amazing bowl experience from its raw beauty, spirituality, history, and what to bring to maximize the adventure, including etiquette.

I attempted to educate Lo, while hiking Highland Bowl. But, the admittedly stubborn “bowl rat” wouldn’t admit that the only “S” in the bowl is the one we make with our skis or snowboards. Admittedly, his editor corrects his ongoing misnomer. 

Lo may also want to check his Inferno t-shirts & bowl pins for Highland Bowl. 

Erik Skarvan