Skarvan: Great job with cleanup

Our eighth annual Trash Crush community cleanup and environmental stewardship event May 26 was a great success. Volunteers 33 strong cleaned up litter along our beloved roads and paths.

But it wasn’t just about cleaning up litter that day. Trash Crush is also about sharing the stewardship message to create the multiplier effect. We realize many people do their own thing, which is the goal! If we each do a bit, it will mean a lot for Mother Earth. We can reduce litter pollution by simply picking it up. Since litter’s dirty, use gloves or a pet pickup. 

Sincere gratitude to the caring locals who supported our spring cleanup, including Highway 82, East of Aspen Trail, Maroon Creek Road, Castle Creek Road, Cemetery Lane to McClain Flats and ABC Trail.

Thanks to thoughtful volunteers Patraig and Kim Stachowski Allen, Kirk Baker, Patrick Carney, Julia and Ted Behar, Jeffrey Bingham, Lance Bolton, Tom Boronski, Leslie Diamond, Bryan Donnelly, Kevin Dunkelberg, Kim Estock, Chet Feldman, Willy Goddarding, Roger Haneman, Beth Hagerty, Matilda Janzon, Peter Loram, Sam and Pete Louras, Chris McKelvey, Tom Mooney, Ron “Stumpy” Morehead, Owen McHaney, Reed Patterson, Jessi Rochel, Karin Teague, Tanya Stevens, Ned Sullivan, Linda Vitti, Kourtney and Lucas Wampler. Thrilled to hear they enjoyed it!

Thanks to community minded sponsors Troy Selby at Silverpeak Grill for lunch, Ainsley Brosnan-Smith with city of Aspen and Cathy Hall with Pitkin County Landfill.

Pristine Riders is a 501c3 non-profit composed of valley cyclists who combine our love of cycling and the environment. We encourage picking up litter, giving back to the environment where we receive so much joy. Like Pristine Riders on Facebook and discover how to score a free bike jersey and be a part of the solution to litter pollution!

Erik Skarvan

Executive Director, Pristine Riders