Sisneros: Treats everyone with respect |

Sisneros: Treats everyone with respect

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I am enthusiastically giving my endorsement to Joe DiSalvo to re-elected sheriff as a citizen and as an employee.

I met Sheriff DiSalvo originally when I was working in the electrical trade. My company was doing a remodel of the commercial space the sheriff’s wife was going to utilize. The sheriff stopped by a few times during the construction project and was very gracious with those of us working there. I remember the sheriff introducing himself to us and thinking, “We are working for really kind people.”

Several years later, I got into law enforcement and the opportunity arose to join the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office. 

As a member of the Sheriff’s Office, I have had the opportunity to learn about the sheriff’s philosophy about law enforcement. Additionally, I have witnessed how the sheriff interacts with those who work for him.

It may sound quaint, but the sheriff has always been a huge proponent of treating members of our community with the utmost of respect. Remembering the basic tenet that we work for this community and must honor the trust and responsibility that comes with our respective roles.

The sheriff has always been very pragmatic in terms of planning for the future. Contemplating the question — how do we serve the community as well as we can while keeping our staff members a safe as possible? — this has always been a guiding principle for Sheriff DiSalvo.

In day-to-day interactions, the sheriff is down to earth, an excellent listener and sincerely cares about those who work for him. Perhaps one of my favorite aspects of our sheriff is his terrific sense of humor. The sheriff will often make you laugh when you would least expect it.

Whether you are a member of the community or an employee, you share something in common: The sheriff is treating you with respect, listening to you and working to do the right things because he sincerely cares about you.

It is easy to endorse someone so dedicated to this community with such sound judgment and priorities. 

Zane Sisneros