Siegel: Not a fan

The City Council is a failure. Numerous examples exist: chaos in affordable housing (most basic data apparently not available), increased traffic congestion in the core (elimination of parking spots for the Living Lab), no continuity for child day care (inexcusable bureaucracy), and my favorite, declaring residential home construction to be an environmental emergency (miraculously solved a few months later; should we should call the new ordnance the Aspen Accords?).

This edition of the council has been called “rudderless.” But that term is overly generous and inaccurate. It implies that if a rudder existed (i.e., leadership at the top), they would know the direction to steer.

More properly, the three incumbents (Torre, Richards and Skippy) up for re-election are simply aimless talkers. They are incapable of independent action, relying instead on consultants and self-serving skewed survey data for direction.

It is not too early to consider sweeping the three out of office next year and replacing them with a group of problem solvers. Next election, Aspen can and should do better. 

Neil B. Siegel