Siegel: No vote until informed on bridge |

Siegel: No vote until informed on bridge

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Aspen City Council wisely delayed a premature vote on the “Preferred Alternative” until it and the public were fully engaged and educated on the issues.

What stood out during two days of discussions was the wily hubris of council member Rachel Richards. She alone pushed for a rapid vote in March questioning whether delay is “going to be informing the community more or if you’re going to be organizing the opposition.”

That Richards, well informed and steeped in the 30-year morass, would advocate such a strong-armed tactic is telling. Observers of the Entrance to Aspen history recognize, as Richards may have, as well, that the current bridge proposal is riddled with critical defects.

If put to the voters before they are well versed in the issues, it may have a chance. But if put to an educated citizenry, it will surely fail.

Neil B. Siegel