Siegel: Grateful for high level of care |

Siegel: Grateful for high level of care

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Vote yes on 6A for an increase of .599 mills for the Aspen Ambulance District. This will benefit you as a member of our community, regardless of race, gender, income level, religious orientation, or any other distinction or category you may be a member of.

When you are at your most vulnerable health wise, you should be grateful and appreciative we have an ambulance district comprised of critical care paramedics trained at a very high level in trauma, medical, obstetrics, cardiology, endocrinology, and more. Importantly, our district is partnered with the Aspen Valley Hospital, which is unique in our valley, and this fosters greater levels of education and knowledge for our paramedics.

My family learned much about our ambulance district as a result of our son’s traumatic snowboard accident in February 2019, which included ER-type care before arriving at Aspen Valley Hospital. The intensity of the high level of care began at Buttermilk and continued on the way to the hospital, at the hospital itself, on the way to Rifle Airport for a Flight For Life to Children’s Hospital in Denver, and afterward as well, thanks to the team managed by its deputy director, Gabe Muething, and Gabe himself.

This level of care is a privilege, not a right, and, as a community, we need to support our ambulance district whether we are personally using it or not because none of us plan for the possibility of needing Gabe and his team of paramedics. We are better off showing our support before any life event.

Vote yes on 6A, and enjoy demonstrating your appreciation and gratitude for our Aspen Ambulance District.

Jeff and Lori Siegel

Snowmass Village