Shore: Heart of community |

Shore: Heart of community

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Times have changed greatly since I served on Snowmass Village Town Council from 1989 to 1993. What hasn’t changed is the heart of our community, and our residents’ desire to connect in a meaningful way with one another and the beauty of our environment.

My husband, Michael, and I support Matt Dubé for Snowmass Village Town Council because we are confident in his decision-making, leadership abilities, and his experience with municipal governments.

Matt has been a consistent presence at the Snowmass Chapel. He has grown his listening and communication skills by volunteering for the chapel’s Caring Connections Team, which provides support to community members going through difficult times.

Matt’s commitment and skills are what I want in a government leader who understands the significance of caring for each other’s well-being while also having an in-depth understanding of Snowmass Village’s Comprehensive Plan, which is vital to our town character.

We encourage you to remember “Dubé is the Way!” when voting in this election. Ballots were mailed between Oc. 17 and 21 and due by Nov. 8. More information:

Debbie Dietz Shore and Michael P. Shore
Snowmass Village