Shenk: Demonstrated deep commitment |

Shenk: Demonstrated deep commitment

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

We are incredibly fortunate to have a leader like Kelly McNicholas Kury seeking re-election to the Board of County Commissioners. As a Snowmass Village town council member, I have had the pleasure of working with Kelly for the past four years and I have found her to be very approachable, extremely knowledgeable, an excellent listener, and a willing collaborator. 

Kelly’s attention to detail, calm demeanor, and thoughtful deliberation are important attributes that enable her to be an effective leader who works diligently to evaluate the issues at hand and build consensus. I have been continually impressed by her leadership style, especially during the unprecedented and challenging days of the pandemic when she served as board chairwoman.

Kelly is a true asset to our community, serving as a passionate and staunch advocate and collaborator on an array of local, regional, and statewide matters. As a fellow parent, I am confident that she has an excellent pulse on our community, in particular the needs of young families, and I wholeheartedly believe she represents an important voice at the table. 

Over the last four years, Kelly has demonstrated a deep commitment to our community and we would be lucky to keep her as a valued and trusted member of our Board of County Commissioners. I hope you will join me in support of Kelly by casting your vote for her on Nov. 8.

Alyssa Shenk

Snowmass Village