Shapiro: Enough ‘discussion’; do the food court |

Shapiro: Enough ‘discussion’; do the food court

Bill Guth is correct! The Armory is poised right now to convert the empty space into a food court. Tying this up for another five years with a $200,000 upgrade for ACRA is absurd!

I have emailed Sara Ott on this issue with no reply. Also, Torre emailed me before the election telling me if 2A passed that there would be money to make the food court happen.

Ward mentioned that this has been in discussion since 2017. Discussion? We need this to happen now!

Locals who live and work in Aspen are being ignored. Do you think they can afford $70 for a chicken or $42 for a salad with protein for lunch? How about dinner out for two? That averages out to over $225 per couple.

The gouging in this town has become extreme. We need a solution to this for all! A gathering place for teens, for visitors, and for the locals who can’t afford these high prices. They also need a better quality of life before they consider alternatives. Then what?

Susan Shapiro