Shane: Grateful to Kaplan and his outlook on our great community |

Shane: Grateful to Kaplan and his outlook on our great community

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I read Mike Kaplan’s editorial thank-you letter to the editor with great pride. He’s one of many who took a leap of faith and moved to Aspen 30 years ago, about the same time I did.

There is no tried-and-true guaranteed formula for success in Aspen, and “success” is a relative word. But what resonated with me in his letter was the palpable passion of our town residents, his gratitude for raising his kids here and watching them become confident and compassionate human beings, as well as his appreciation of the open-mindedness and human culture of his employer, The Crown family. I feel the same.

In a complicated and sometimes divided world, we hear complaints more often than gratitude. It is refreshing to read about a truly successful person who thanks others and understands and appreciates real success: quality of life.     

Hard work, commitment to your beliefs, and compassion will allow our next generation of Aspenites to become responsible and “successful” stewards of our extraordinary town and caring community. 

Thank you, Mike, for years of service. I appreciate you being the committed, smiling, and gracious liaison between the community and Skico.

I am grateful for you loading the gondola and chairlifts on crowded holiday ski days and for your gracious perspective.

Steven Shane