Send Lift One back to Aspen City Council |

Send Lift One back to Aspen City Council

Aspen Skiing Co. has had such success hosting weddings and special events at the Sundeck that they would like to use Ruthie’s Restaurant in a similar fashion.

In December 2015, Skico gained approval from the Forest Service to install a new chondola (telemix) lift, change the lift alignment so that it unloads close to Ruthie’s Restaurant, build a gondola storage building next to Ruthie’s and get Ruthie’s running again.

We are going to get a new lift.

The Lift One corridor plan shows we can bring the lift lower. The developers’ threat to build their previous approvals is unlikely; they would no longer have ski-in, ski-out capability, making their property less desirable/valuable.

We can have a lift down to Dean Street, a ski museum and a reasonable sized development that provides adequate employee housing.

If Lift One passes, Aspen’s quality of life suffers with more construction, more traffic and more people. The current Lift 1A will be out of commission for a minimum of two years with this plan.

Please vote “no” and send this project back to City Council.

John Doyle


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