Scruggs: Thought they were about preservation |

Scruggs: Thought they were about preservation

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The Historic Preservation Commission has morphed into the Historic Destruction Commission. The HPC has indicated it is receptive to a developer’s plan for 205 West Main that destroys the historic structure, the historic neighborhood, and the Historic Main Street District.

The plan shoves the one-and-a-half story Victorian 20 feet to the corner and then builds two three-story L-shaped buildings around it. The new mammoth buildings (nine units containing 22 bedrooms) will dwarf the historic structure, as well as seven other contiguous historic buildings.

What is created is inferior affordable housing with undersized bedrooms, excessive below ground space, and inadequate parking for the tenants. The common area open space is laughable, being an 11-foot-wide walkway between the buildings with only north exposure and receiving no sun, creating a straight line winter skating rink.

The HPC has a hearing on this proposal on Wednesay, Nov. 16. Please ask the HPC to provide livable affordable housing and preserve our history. Decrease the density, mass, and scale to preserve the 1890 Victorian and provide livable affordable housing for the occupants.

For more information read Elizabeth Milias commentary, “Housing at any cost, even history?”
Please provide livable affordable housing and preserve — not destroy — our history.

David Scruggs