Scott: Can they do that? |

Scott: Can they do that?

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

How is Aspen municipal water (the headwaters of the western agricultural water supply in the midst of historic drought) getting trucked to California to be turned into vodka? That’s not a decision a sheriff can make, is it, but might be one he should be investigating?

The ironically-named Lift Vodka (look up lift in the dictionary of slang) seems to have some special privileges, in terms of getting a municipal Colorado water supply trucked to California to turn into booze to be shipped back. Did Mr. Armstrong have some connections in the water department, or is this just business as usual?  

If it looks like your local governments, school district, and various departments are building their own real-estate portfolios by buying up property from the valley’s biggest real-estate monopolists with your tax dollars, here is the FBI public corruption hotline: (505)-889-1580.

If you see something (like Aspen water getting shipped by truck to California chasing canaries on the highway), say something. Curiouser and curiouser in Aspen. Next, you will tell me that 50 candidates applied for the director of affordable-housing position, and the only person without direct work experience in providing affordable housing who happened to be a career U.S. Foreign Service agent somehow got the job. 

Andrew Scott