Schnissel: Construction woes |

Schnissel: Construction woes

The progression of modern, real-estate ownership and want of alterations has modified the term of skilled labor.

Building codes are instituted not only to protect contractors, but also to protect homeowners in terms of faulty and improper construction methods/techniques.

The new homeowners of Aspen are so wealthy and impatient that they want Rome built yesterday. That’s the mentality of their building projects.

These homeowners are rushing their contractors to improperly file for building permits to speed up construction. These general contractors are then hiring individuals who don’t have insurance and will build on their own “codes” versus those of the city of Aspen.

If caught, the homeowners will face a minor charge, which is faster and easier than waiting for actual engineered plans.

The “codes” of these uninsured contractors are, as it seems, extremely faulty and irresponsible at best.

Who’s to take responsibility for this? The city of Aspen and the real-estate agents who sold this town out? The general contractors who have no ethics and want to earn an easy living?

The system is degraded, great master plan: Pass the blame off. Congratulations.

Do it right, once. That’s a thing of the past, too.

Jefferey Schnissel