Schirato: Future depends on your vote |

Schirato: Future depends on your vote

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

We are writing in support of Bill Guth for Aspen City Council. He entered this campaign a relative newcomer to the public process and has run an impressive campaign.

He has over a decade of small-business owner experience in our community. 

He has experience running a successful restaurant and bar in the downtown core and all the challenges that come with hiring and retaining staff.

He has experience as an owner’s rep with real-estate redevelopment projects and the in-depth permitting process in both the city and the county.

He has experience owning and operating a shared office space and starting a title company.

He is a dad of three young children and has the lived experience of raising a family in our town. 

Our town needs Bill’s perspective as our community grapples with the big issues we now face. I understand the hesitation to elect someone from the development community to our seemingly anti-development council. I encourage you to consider how conversations and, ultimately, policy decisions might be elevated with more diverse opinions. 

And at the very least, if Bill gets a seat at the table, he may find the public process is not as simple as it seems and share this with his colleagues!

Finally, if you can, please vote. The future of your town depends on it.

Kimbo and Jason Schirato