Schermerhorn: Don’t squander an opportunity with FBO |

Schermerhorn: Don’t squander an opportunity with FBO

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Pitkin County commissioners:

With the FBO management contract decision imminent, we are writing to ask that you please pause to thoroughly consider the real advantages of the county retaining the contract for itself. Many of the compelling advantages, though not all, were brought to light at the April 11 meeting. 

Pitkin County and Aspen governments have never shied away from taking bold steps, many of which have proven to show great vision and leadership. Such is the manner of this decision.

A commodity as vital to this community as the airport – and the upcoming decisions regarding its development – implore the county to take advantage of every opportunity to direct its future and benefit to the community. 

Retaining the FBO contract for Pitkin County is just such an opportunity. Please don’t squander it.

George and Helen Schermerhorn

Woody Creek