Saunders: Always doing what is proper |

Saunders: Always doing what is proper

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Being the contractor on record who built Mick Ireland’s office, let me share with you that the Building Department will not accept a permit application.

Unless the governing HOA issues a letter of approval, which common ground housing did issue, and, at that time, a rental agreement for the space was agreed upon. Then, that permit application crosses the desk of numerous subordinate departments of the city — like P&Z, water, historical, sanitation, and anybody else who may be impacted by the issuance of the permit. After everybody signs off and fees are paid, then will a permit be issued. 

Mick carefully crossed all his T’s and dotted all of his I’s during this tedious process. Because that is how he conducts himself! 

A few years previous, when cleaning out his crawl space, I discovered that the “B” vent to his boiler had rotted away and was emitting toxic fumes into his house. That day, I replaced the vent, which I considered an emergency fix.

We discussed the need for a permit. I told him the work was done, and no one would know. 

The very next day, Mick applied for a repair permit because it was the proper thing to do! 

I have always known Mick to do what is proper in his belief of transparency. In my opinion, nobody should be using his legal and permitted office space as a reason to attack his credibility! 

Steve Saunders