Saslove: Overlooked an FBO candidate |

Saslove: Overlooked an FBO candidate

Pitkin County committee: It is incredibly unfortunate and discerning to hear that Fontainebleau Development will not be considered as operator for the Aspen airport FBO.

I feel you have overlooked them, and they were not given a fair opportunity. It is extremely disappointing that Aspen/Pitkin County claim to be anti-corporation chain operators, yet have not given longtime community members a fair chance at the FBO opportunity.

Fontainebleau Development has an existing, beautiful and successful FBO in Miami. Unlike the other selected proposers, Fontainebleau Development is a small business with strong local roots in the Roaring Fork Valley.

The founding members of this company were raised in Aspen, graduated from Aspen High School, and have continued to be a part of the community. In fact, they went to school and grew up with many of the current employees at the current FBO and have continued to maintain strong relationships with some of the employees.

Fontainebleau Development understands the value and importance that these local employees provide for the successful and smooth operations at the FBO. That cannot be said for a corporation such as Atlantic Aviation, Signature Flight Support, and Modern Aviation, who I believe could care less about the people who have dedicated their lives and career to running an efficient and profitable private airport that services thousands of operations every year. 

I urge you to reconsider your selections and stand by the foundation of what makes Aspen special.

Thank you for your consideration.

Joshua Saslove