Sargent: This doc has my vote |

Sargent: This doc has my vote

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I am thrilled to write a letter supporting Dr. Greg Balko for the Aspen Valley Hospital Board.

I learned how special and important our community is last year when our family got to be a part of the extraordinary 27-0 state championship-winning Aspen High School men’s basketball team. This community supported us, celebrated us, loved us, cried with us, and made things happen!

That’s what Greg can do for our community as a member of the hospital board. Who hasn’t had him help you with kindness and humor and extraordinary skill in the ER? He slogged through COVID-19 and helped us all.

He’s a tinkerer — he even washes his own car in the winter. He brings this “roll up your sleeves and get stuff done” attitude to the board — we need that.

He is a part of our community, whether he is supporting his kids in local sports or skiing on the mountain or enjoying times with his kids on their dirt bikes.

He casts a long shadow not just because he is tall, but as his daughter wants to follow in his footsteps in medicine. He cares about his patients and his loved ones and friends and is fiercely loyal to this community and its members.

Greg keeps medicine local and not too sterile. With him on the board, we have one of us and that makes all the difference in the confusing world of modern medicine.

And a man who washes his own car in the winter keeps costs down. Don’t we all want that? Vote for Greg for our hospital board!

Elizabeth Sargent