Sandoval: Boeberts’ head cheerleader |

Sandoval: Boeberts’ head cheerleader

Why am I not surprised that Garfield County Sheriff’s Office didn’t help out the neighbors of Jayson Boebert? After all, it is election year.

I believe Sheriff Lou Vallario is Lauren Boebert’s head cheerleader. (Isn’t he up for re-election?) If you look at the Garfield County Sheriff’s website, in big, bold letters it states, “Intergrity, Duty.”

Their mission statement says, “Provide solutions for the people through professional, ethical and compassionate conduct.”

Their motto? Do something to make a difference.

The Aspen Institute hosted two prominent historians, one of them being Jon Meacham, who won the 2009 Pulitzer for best biography.

Mr. Meacham sums it up: “What I care about is a huge chunk of this country is willing to violate the rule of law out of the devotion to a person and a party that has allowed itself to become a vehicle of this person who puts the weild of power above the common good … and this is not a drill.”

Do the neighbors of Boebert’s feel served and protected?

Lanie Sandoval


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