Rule: Represents our values, really? |

Rule: Represents our values, really?

Does Lauren Boebert really represent District 3 and Western Slope values? I hear this from folks, so it is worthwhile to examine what these values are that make her worthy of re-electing.

Perhaps it is her record on voting for environmental and water issues? She has several ads touting her commitment to protect our forests and water. Yet, curiously, looking at her voting record, every bill — such as the Protecting Public Lands & Waters bill or the Wildfire Recovery Act — she voted against. She even failed to show up to vote on the Protecting the Grand Canyon and Colorado’s Public Lands bill. Why do her campaign ads state just the opposite of her voting record?

Let’s move on then to values that protect the Coloradans of District 3, such as: the Affordable Insulin Now Act; protecting Women from Violence Act; protecting Native Americans and seniors from scams or discrimination; or legislation assisting low-income, child-care and adult-care facilities with installation of carbon-monoxide detectors.

Sadly Ms. Boebert has voted against all of these that would have benefited her constituents.

Most recent was a “No” vote on the Break the Cycle of Violence Act, providing grants for community-violence intervention and community grants for job training for youth ages 16 to 24 for in-demand occupations.

We all know her abysmal voting record in support of veterans and military families. Most recently, she voted “No” on the Fairness for 9/11 Families Act.

I’m afraid I do not think Ms. Boebert represents District 3 values, and, the next time I see someone stating this belief, I will wonder if they have truly done their research to see if these values are being translated into meaningful votes in Congress.

Pam Rule