Rubey: Questions about FBO lease renewal

The financial outcome of the RFP process for the FBO lease renewal is terrific.

$18 million guaranteed annually is a huge and fair number. Bravo. A healthy escalation should be included in the annual guarantee along with a corporate guarantee. If not, the lease term needs to be significantly shortened. $18 million will get degraded by inflation in a few years.

Based on public comments made at the last board meeting, FBO revenue has to stay at the airport. Why is this? Does the county have the ability to re-allocate this revenue? If not, why not? What would it have to do to change the rules, so that it can?

County officials negotiating the long-term agreement should ensure that locals don’t get hammered by the new lease. Primarily, this relates to fuel pricing, tie-down rates, patio shelter rates, and parking. Perhaps create an area dedicated to locals outside of the assets leased to Atlantic. Will Atlantic provide any facility upgrades for locals, including a flight school upgrade and perhaps bathroom facilities beyond a port-a-let? Perhaps, at some point, the public will get a chance to get to see the full lease.

Again, great job to the county and those involved in the financial outcome. Please consider and protect the local pilots as the negotiations continue.

Robert Rubey