Rothman: An excellent addition |

Rothman: An excellent addition

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I have known Sam Rose since he first moved to Aspen about seven years ago. As a result of the excellent coverage of the upcoming election by our local newspapers, you probably already know a lot about him, so I do not feel the necessity to go into a lot of detail.

Suffice it to say that his job with the Pitkin County Public Health Department on the COVID-19 team — as well as his volunteer service on the Planning & Zoning Commission and as a firefighter — speak volumes about his connection with, and devotion to, our community.

He is an intelligent and thoughtful person, who listens to the concerns of the citizens of Aspen and clearly wants to help make our city a better place to live.

I firmly believe that Sam will be an excellent addition to the council, and I think we are fortunate that a person as well-qualified as him to be on the Aspen City Council is willing to run for the position. I hope that my fellow citizens will join me in voting for him.

Mark Rothman