Roses & Thorns: Here’s to Glenita and those who beautify Indy Pass … but not the Shhhhh-ers |

Roses & Thorns: Here’s to Glenita and those who beautify Indy Pass … but not the Shhhhh-ers

  • A bouquet of roses for volunteers from the Roaring Fork Valley and one from Denver who helped the Aspen-based Independence Pass Foundation with some critical projects this week. The group completed a lengthy list of chores, according to foundation executive director Karin Teague. They cleared the old stagecoach road in the Grottos of avalanche debris, replaced and repaired the wooden fence in the Lower Lost Man parking lot after it was crushed by winter snow, and they placed traps over the air vents at the bathrooms at the summit of the Pass. That last project qualified as hazard duty, but it will prevent birds from entering the vents and meeting with a gruesome death, Teague said.
  • A thorn goes to the ownership contingency representing the Hyatt Residence Club, which is responsible for maintaining the only outdoor ice rink in downtown Aspen. As part of the approvals of that development, Hyatt Grand Aspen agreed to provide a public amenity in front of the building which is the Silver Circle ice rink. Now, they want to back out of the promise they made, saying it’s too expensive to maintain and replace equipment. Too bad. That development received a lot of concessions under the auspices of keeping an ice rink for the community.
  • Roses go to members of Aspen City Council who held Hyatt representatives’ feet to the fire last week and wouldn’t let them off the hook.
  • Roses to another solid season of Thursday night concerts on Fanny Hill in Snowmass. The mix of bands and singers hit on something for everyone. The series weathered a couple of summer storms this year, and once summer finally arrived so did the crowds. Last week’s penultimate show featuring The Samples brought out a full house for the community night.
  • A rose to Aspen probation officer Roger Adams, who recently returned to work after months of serious health issues, including a two-month stay in a Denver hospital. The good news is he’s on the mend, looking healthy and hasn’t had a cigarette in three months. Welcome back, Roger!
  • Doubled-edged thorn to the those who feel the need to silence a room with the childish “Shhhhh” over the speakers and to those who need to be “Shhhhh” for not paying attention in the first place. We are fortunate in this area to be able to support a lot of nonprofits through a number of awesome events, fundraisers, conversations and dinners. And we all know how the evenings usually work. Therefore, it is rude when a crowd won’t settle down for the program, but even more annoying when the moderator feels the need to treat us like grade-schoolers. We’re all adults here, even if we’ve grabbed a few glasses at the bar during the cocktail hour. Let’s work on this, Aspen. Both sides of the table.
  • Roses to local elected officials involved with the decision to make the park-and-ride at Highway 82 and Brush Creek Road into a more attractive place to catch a bus. The Intercept Lot, as it used to be called before the politically correct era, already provides a key link to getting into and out of Aspen or Snowmass Village. The RFTA buses are free to either destination and they run regularly enough to match anyone’s schedule. The Brush Creek Park and Ride also is popular with carpoolers. The Elected Officials Transportation Committee has agreed to fund $4 million improvements to make the lot even more attractive. Permanent bathrooms will be installed and 200 more parking spaces will be paved. Security lighting and additional landscaping also will be added.
  • A well-earned rose to Glenita Melnick, a clerk for 32 years at the Pitkin County Court Clerk’s Office who quietly retired recently. Known for her love of dogs — a picture of her longtime companion Sassy, a minature schnauzer, still hangs in the hallway outside the Clerk’s Office — her unrivaled institutional knowledge of the Pitkin County Courthouse and her unwillingness to take guff from anyone, Glenita will be dearly missed. On behalf of all the reporters who tormented you (and absorbed your torment) over the decades, The Aspen Times wishes you a happy retirement.

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