Roses & Thorns: Fire helpers good, fire haters bad |

Roses & Thorns: Fire helpers good, fire haters bad

A rose to Disney Animation and the Aspen Music Festival and School for its world premiere of “A Decade in Concert” on Monday at the Benedict Music Tent, which put smiles on the faces of patrons young and old, newcomers to the symphony and aficionados. We hope that the unambiguous success of this evening will encourage the festival to host more concerts in the realm of movies and popular entertainment.

Why not an annual Disney concert? Why not “Star Wars” or “2001: A Space Odyssey” or “Raiders of the Lost Ark” with the orchestra? If the festival is producing some 400 concerts and events every summer, why not just one like this each season to bring new eyes and ears to the classical music experience?

Thorn to the organizers of the Xterra triathlon event that was scheduled for Saturday in Basalt but canceled because of the Lake Christine Fire. In their original post about canceling the race, one of their points of reason was after the type 2 team left on July 16 “not all fire crews are created equal and a week ago the locals lost control of the situation” and the feds had to come back.

While they contend that even after that incident the race was still on track, their tipping point was the rain last weekend and the flooding and mudslides on part of Ace Lane’s property where the race is held.

They have since removed the locals statement from their website, and issued an apology of sorts: “We meant no disrespect or blame of the cancellation on their efforts.”


Roses to the new organizers of the Challenge Aspen fundraiser and switching up their event this year. The Amy and Vince shows were awesome and Houston Cowan was a driving force, so it was a tough act to follow.

But the shift to the Sundeck and the work of Jeff Hauser and his staff and introduction of Colorado’s Big Head Todd and the Monsters made for a thumping Monday night on top of Aspen Mountain.

Thorn to our fellow RFTA riders who sit on the sidefacing seats at the front and have full conversations across the isle. If you and your buddy take the front seats but don’t sit next to each other, think about the volume your conversation is throwing at the rest of us.

Might we suggest holding onto a lot of those thoughts until you’re at your final destination or make the ask to perhaps switch seats with someone sitting next to your traveling companion.

Just asking … see, it’s that easy.

Roses to Ace Lane and his sons as well as downstream water rights holders to the Robinson Ditch for allowing continued use of that vital supply to fight the Lake Christine Fire.

The Lanes agreed early in the firefighting to allowing helicopters to dip into Kodiak Lake next to Highway 82 across from Whole Foods. The source has been tapped consistently each day since. Some days, the helicopters were lined up waiting to dip.

Roses to Roaring Fork Valley residents who engaged in random and quickly planned acts of kindness and thanks aimed at the firefighters. One action brought to our attention was the party that Jill Soffer and Steve Elder threw for firefighters on their property in Missouri Heights on Sunday, July 15, before a specific crew rotated out of the area.

The Hickory House supplied the food at short notice.

In addition to hosting scores of firefighters, Soffer and Elder sent out an open invitation to midvalley residents to attend.

Have a rose or a thorn? Send them to (with Roses&Thorns in the subject line). We collect and publish a fresh bouquet every couple of Fridays.

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