Roses & Thorns (Aug. 27, 2021) |

Roses & Thorns (Aug. 27, 2021)

— Thorns to Aspen Skiing Co. President Mike Kaplan for uncharacteristically bringing strong-arm tactics into the Pandora’s discussion and roses to Pitkin County Commissioner Francie Jacober for calling him on it.

When the Pitkin County commissioners started their review of Skico’s Pandora’s proposal Wednesday, Kaplan pointedly declared that if the commissioners followed the recommendation of their planning staff and denied a rezoning application that would allow expansion of Aspen Mountain ski area, Skico would have to consider building as many as seven homes and cabins on its property on upper Ajax. The declaration immediately put a different spin on the meeting and ratcheted up the tension. Kaplan could have made the point without making it sound like a threat. Jacober made it clear that she, for one, wouldn’t be bullied. Pandora’s must live or die on merits, not on threats.

— A rose to Snowmass Tourism and the town’s event staff for bringing two and a half months of weekly live music to Fanny Hill for the Thursday night summer concert series. Organizers could have called it off in favor of smaller-stage pass-by performances (and in fact, they almost did back in February when pandemic restrictions were so tight and unpredictable), but instead they managed to pull off the community event of the summer with record-breaking attendance and plenty of good dancing in good company.

— Roses to all the restaurants that have chosen to not rip off their customers with higher prices and using COVID-19 as an excuse.There are still true local restaurateurs and business owners who understand that the cost of living here is getting more difficult and are responding in a humanistic way. Thank you to those who have chosen to keep their bar menus, happy hours and prices at modest levels.

— Roses to those who are continue to secure their trash and lock their doors to keep the black bears at bay. Thorns to those who don’t. The hungry bears are coming for your food — those who don’t secure your homes and trash — so don’t act surprised if you return home to an overturned dinner table and a refrigerator that’s been ravaged. And for good measure, a pile of bear poo in the living room, which smells nothing like roses, mind you.

— Thorns to those e-bikers who hold their heads up high as they pass other cyclists on uphills and act like they’re some superhero from Planet Armstrong. E-bikes are fine, but have a little humility with your pedal-powered bravado.

— Roses to all of our readers and supporters of local journalism for coming out Thursday night to celebrate another year of The Aspen Times at our 140th birthday party. Thanks to our friends at the Aspen Historical Society for the space and our continued partnership to record the pulse of Aspen. We take great pride in serving our community and helping keep them informed. Cheers to another 140 years.

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