Roses & Thorns: Good and bad from governor’s visit; cheers to bus drivers getting a reprieve |

Roses & Thorns: Good and bad from governor’s visit; cheers to bus drivers getting a reprieve

Gov. Jared Polis leads a group of skiers down Silver Bell run on Aspen Mountain after visiting for the 75th anniversary of lift access skiing in Aspen and to address climate change on Friday, April 1, 2022. The gondola and Ajax Express lift ran until 6 pm for late night skiing. (Kelsey Brunner/The Aspen Times)
  • Roses and thorns to Colorado Gov. Jared Polis for his recent ski adventure on Aspen Mountain. Roses for the governor for making the trip to Aspen to discuss climate issues at the top of Ajax. Thorns to the gov for wearing his ski pants above his boots! C’mon, gov, we know you learned to ski while on family outing to Vail, but that’s not how we represent Colorado. Slop those pant legs over the boots and if they’re too tight, buy some new ones post-haste.
  • Roses to Joannie, who works at the base of the gondola and is a beacon of cheer at every sighting. Whether it’s just a friendly hello or making sure you score a solo car for a quick call, we’ll miss seeing her on a regular basis once the gondola stops running.
  • We said it once and we will say it again. Roses to all the various departments that comprise Aspen Skiing Co.’s mountain operations for their great work this season. (We gave them accolades after the holidaze as well.) Skico’s frontline workers checked all the boxes — grooming, snowmaking, patrol, lift loading, food and beverage. As usual, job well done this season.
  • Roses also go to Skico’s creative minds who cranked out some witty April Fools Day material under such headlines as “Audi Presents the Power of Four-Ever,” “Fort Frog Rebrands to Cloud Three,” and “Snowboarding Now Prohibited on Aspen Mountain.” Good chuckles were had by all.
  • Thorns to our CD3 rep in the U.S. House, Lauren Boebert. While the majority of this part of her district goes against pretty much everything she stands for, perhaps her latest announcement Thursday to fight what she mockingly calls the “woke transgender policy” about decreasing patdowns at airports for those who identify as trans is a new low. Her biggest talking point is that giving people a bit of privacy is “practically inviting terrorists to take advantage” of our security screening. This is just playing a card pulled straight out of the crazy deck.
  • Roses to Erin Smiddy for running for a seat on the Pitkin Board of County Commissioners. This is by no means an endorsement for Smiddy, who will be challenging incumbent Commissioner Kelly McNicholas Kury for the seat. Yet McNicholas Kury ran unopposed in the last election, and it would be a shame to see her win two straight terms with no opposition. Smiddy’s entrance will open the dialogue about the direction of Pitkin County under the five commissioners, who have some big tasks ahead, from the airport expansion to the housing crisis, traffic woes, climate change and other pressing matters.
  • Roses to all the bus drivers in the valley who have had to deal with the anti-maskers during the past few months. Surely no one rejoiced more than the drivers after this week’s announcement that masks no longer are required on public transit. We heard about the confrontations from our bus-driving friends, and we’re glad that babysitting non-mask wearers is no longer a part of your job.