Roses & Thorns: Enough already with watering the sidewalk; big weekend in Snowmass |

Roses & Thorns: Enough already with watering the sidewalk; big weekend in Snowmass

Staff reports

A thorn goes out for a third time to property owners, and their managers, who continue to ignore the city of Aspen’s Stage II water restrictions.

We are in a severe drought, people. Stop washing the sidewalks. Even the city itself has not been able to rein in all of its misdirected sprinkler heads and is continuing to water concrete.

If you see something, say something. Email to if you see people violating the restrictions.

Rose to the balloon pilots, crew members and festival organizers who put together another picture-perfect event in Snowmass last weekend. The 43rd annual event was complete with great weather, big crowds and colorful canopies. The Saturday night glow event was a bit of a dud, though.

Rose to Snowmass locals Dave Dugan and Reed Lewis for their hard work in creating new events (Septemberfest, Cidermass) to add vibrancy to the town’s fall calendar. Both events helped keep the Saturday during the balloon festival going strong.

Thorn to Snowmass Mayor Markey Butler for asserting that the debate of pot sales in Snowmass is a mothers-versus-fathers, male-versus-female issue. The mayor has made clear her strong stance against recreational marijuana sales in Snowmass, but going down that road as a last-ditch effort was insulting.

However, a follow-up rose to Butler for her hard work in founding the valley’s HomeCare & Hospice program. Butler announced this week that she will retire from her role at the institution that she helped start.

Rose to the morning flag crews working at the Castle Creek Bridge construction project. While the traffic backups continue to be hit-and-miss depending on the time of day, the commute has been better during the morning when parents are trying to get through the round-about to do the school dropoff.

Two weeks down, six weeks to go.

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