Roses and Thorns: Wagner’s looking good, crew; why you gotta drive like that on Emma Road? |

Roses and Thorns: Wagner’s looking good, crew; why you gotta drive like that on Emma Road?

Thorns to Pitkin County for its lack of new mask mandate information for visitors coming through the Aspen/Pitkin County Airport. As of Wednesday afternoon, there was no signage to let people know about the indoor mandate, which was enacted a week prior.

Shouldn’t the sign have been put in place the morning of Sept. 16 when the county made the decision to require masks indoors again?

There was, however, the city’s “Be Bear Aware” signage, so we’re safe there.

We don’t think the chainsaw-carved bear wearing a mask and holding the “Welcome” sign at the entrance off the tarmac to baggage claim is enough.

A rose to the city of Aspen’s parks department for getting Wagner Park back in shape from the Food and Wine Classic that occurred on the grass field two weeks ago and ready for Rugggerfest this weekend.

Crews were able to assess conditions and manage the turf to get the park back open to the public three days after Food and Wine. The turf looks great and we look forward to seeing it torn up again for some more fun, community spirit and wins for the The Gentlemen of Aspen.

A thorn goes to the city of Aspen for stripping the public of parking spaces on an entire block in downtown Aspen.

From Monarch Street to Mill Street on Hyman Avenue, there are three spaces available to the public and three handicapped spots. The rest are dedicated to construction, loading zones, commercial ride share and pickup and outdoor dining.

We pay taxes in all kinds of forms and it makes it real inconvenient for the businesses who operate on that stretch of road, including The Aspen Times, to not have available parking spaces.

A thorn goes to former pro-cyclist Lance Armstrong for violating the cardinal sin of riding his bike on the pedestrian mall one recent morning.

All suited up in his racing attire, with a few cyclists drafting behind him, Lance came rolling through from Mill Street and cruised past people casually walking with their coffees and even one guy using a walker on the uneven pavement. It’s not like Armstrong is not in shape enough that he has to take a shortcut for a ride we are sure was not a cruise through town. Time to dismount, Lance.

Roses to having Aspen Skiing Co.’s gondolas running for a couple more weekends. The weather’s been perfect, the aspens are about to hit their peak for the color changes and it’s nice to enjoy the surroundings with a lot fewer folks.

Thorns to the leadership at the Cornerstone Christian School for refusing to discuss their philosophy on masks as a precaution against COVID-19. When contacted this week by The Aspen Times, the leadership initially invited questions but then bailed once they received the list.

We’re all for a diversity of opinions but have a lack of respect for individuals or entities that are unwilling to defend their principle. The issue is public health. The midvalley public has a right to know why the school hasn’t required masks so far this season.

Roses to the restaurants on the Snowmass Mall for staying open during the past week even has the crowds have started to thin out. The Mall will be quiet soon enough, but it was nice to go up to the Mall on a weekday and have a lot of options still. And cheers the continuation of live music on Thursdays this month with the September Music Series that had bands in the Mall and Base Village.

Thorns to those newcomers in the midvalley who brought their big city attitudes with them. Case in point. One of our tribe was moseying home on the back roads of Emma the other day when he came across a vehicle impatient at the slow speed of a pick-up truck ahead of him on Emma Road.

Instead of chilling and soaking in the view of changing brush on The Crown, this fella gunned his Range Rover and passed the pick-up on a double yellow and proceeded to speed away. Seriously? If you are in a hurry what the heck are you doing on Emma Road?


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