Roses and Thorns (Sept. 28, 2018) |

Roses and Thorns (Sept. 28, 2018)

An unknown motorist drove through uncured concrete recently on Valley Road in Willits. It cost an estimated $10,000 to repair the damage.
Ryan Mahoney/Special to The Aspen Times

Roses to the sold-out crowd Wednesday night at the screening of “3 Days 2 Nights” and the Godfrey family. While still not finished, having such a personal documentary about an Aspen family showing at Aspen Filmfest was a night many in the crowd won’t soon forget. It is screening again Saturday in Carbondale.

And the post-screening conversation at the Wheeler was insightful and compelling with Mark and Andy talking about the movie and their sister, Paula.

Thorns to the buffoon who drove through freshly poured concrete on East Valley Road in Willits recently. The motorist made the effort to remove traffic cones to enter a 15-foot stretch of the roadway and then moved cones at the far end. Basalt Town Manager Ryan Mahoney said the concrete likely appeared dry, but the vehicles’ tires immediately sunk into the concrete. The driver kept going.

“We’re guessing it wasn’t a mistake,” Mahoney said.

The event happened between 5:30 and 6 p.m. — in other words, in broad daylight — yet no tips have come in about the incident.

The concrete was re-poured and the road is open. However, it is still to be determined who covers the estimated $10,000 expense.

Thorns go to every business owner and resident who fail to secure their trash cans, grease traps in alleys and other attractants for bears.

We’ve seen tipped-over dumpsters, trash strewn about and remnants of bear activity in Aspen’s commercial core for the past couple of weeks. Bears are coming down from the high country and are looking for every way possible to get the necessary calories they need before hibernation. So, lock it up so we don’t have to write stories and headlines about euthanizing our bruins.

Thorns to the idea of a roundabout in Snowmass, or even floating the idea of a stoplight. So what if you have to wait three minutes four or five times a year? As long as it’s safe and we don’t have accidents there, leave it be. But speaking of safety, maybe officials should put their focus on adding marked pedestrian crosswalks on Brush Creek Road at the Owl Creek and Faraway road bus stops. That would be money better spent.

Roses to Nemanja Ilic and Vladan Djordjevic for reviving the Wienerstube Restaurant. The onetime Aspen institution, which closed in January 2011, is now open on Market Street in Willits Town Center, between Capitol Brewery and Mezzaluna. The opening is later than they anticipated, but better late than never.

Roses to another successful Golden Leaf Half Marathon last weekend to end the crazy festival season in Snowmass Village (heads up, the Fondo was rescheduled to Saturday). The sold-out half-marathon event had great weather to run 13 miles through the aspens to Aspen. As the waves went off, there was a solid pack of happy participants and exuberant family members cheering on their favorite runners.