Roses and Thorns

Roses to the ski patrol and mountain operations workers for Aspen Skiing Co. for toiling in difficult conditions to get as much terrain open as quickly as they can. We’ve been spoiled in recent seasons with ample early season snow. It’s slowly but surely building this season. We’re thankful for the efforts to get it open.

Thorns to the Eagle County government staff and county commissioners for giving the first of three necessary approvals to a project that will add traffic to an intersection already at an “F” level of service, or one of the lowest possible levels. A proposed development in the El Jebel area, The Fields, will spend about $1 million for improvements to the intersection at Valley Road and Highway 82. That will take care of the estimated 787 vehicle trips per day from the development, but the intersection will remain at a service level “F.” Maybe that makes sense in the Eagle River Valley. It doesn’t in the Roaring Fork Valley.

Roses to all of the volunteers and donors of the Holiday Baskets Program at Christ Church in Aspen. For 35 years volunteers have come together as a community and donated their time and items, including City Market gift cards, to over 250 families in need between Aspen and Glenwood Springs.

Thorns to the people who can’t seem to understand that a “bear-proof” trash can is only “bear-proof” if human nincompoops actually make sure the thing is latched. Since when did it require too much effort to hold the lever in long enough to close the thing properly?


Bar Talk: Barraquito

On a recent trip to Spain, I discovered something that I believe tops the espresso martini. It’s called a barraquito.

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