Roses and Thorns |

Roses and Thorns

A rose and a thorn go to Colin Buchanan, who pleaded guilty to driving drunk and seriously injuring another driver on the last day of his trial Tuesday after a police officer overheard him tell a budtender at an Aspen marijuana dispensary Friday he was “wasted” at the time of the crash. The rose is for finally taking responsibility for nearly severing a woman’s ankle in the June 2015 head-on crash, while the thorn is for taking a year and four months and a distinctly indirect route to do so.

Thorns go to the proprietors of the Aspen Kitchen and Rec Room for running the businesses into the ground, and not just because it leaves an empty space downtown heading into the offseason. Dozens of creditors have been left in the dark without being paid, and the nearly 80 employees who worked there got no notice they would be terminated until the day they were fired. Many of the ex-workers will head into the ski season without passes or an income source they’d depended on.

Roses to the jurors in the El Jebel double-homicide trial. They served for the better part of three weeks. Although they probably wished it wasn’t so, they were models of public service.

Roses to the Get Out the Vote committee for their efforts to get voters, and especially young people, to the polls. It’s critical that the youth movement puts their money where there mouths are — Get Out the Vote did just that.

Roses to Ryan and Cory at Aspen Weather for getting people fired up for winter with their recent ski season forecast party at the Limelight. Drink beer and listen to a forecast for higher than average snow for Aspen this winter? Hell, yes!

Thorns to no one in particular but for the situation in Aspen where seemingly every other street is torn up for construction. Whatever happened to a mellow offseason?

Roses to the residents who set up a small memorial along Main Street outside the Concept 600 building last week in honor of Charlie Cline, the mailman who died abruptly last week. It was a small act of kindness for a man who lightened up people’s days.

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