Roses and thorns |

Roses and thorns

Roses to Aspen Skiing Co. for its progressive policies on uphill travel on the slopes. The company is showing its commitment to uphilling by opening the Cliffhouse on full-moon evenings the next three months. Skico is also addressing the problems — uphillers climbing and skiing on trails where snowcats are working — in a reasonable and professional manner. It’s up to us uphillers to avoid conflicts with the machinery so Skico isn’t forced to adopt stricter policies or after-hours bans.

Thorns to a select crowd in Basalt that is taking politics way too seriously. Hey, we’re all for putting democracy to work, but that doesn’t mean abandoning civility and fairness. Some people are engaging in smear campaigns and personal attacks on character. Others have thrown transparency out the window by failing to disclose what office they are seeking. It’s going to be an ugly road to the April 5 election if these tactics continue.

Thorns to Pitkin Alert, which called houses at 11:30 p.m. on New Year’s Eve to advise people of upcoming fireworks at midnight. Not everyone is awake at 11:30 p.m.

Thorns to the cigarette smokers who insisted on smoking at the Rubey Park Transit Center with 15 preschoolers just 10 feet away, sitting on the outside benches. Even more, when asked to move away from the kids, the smokers indignantly refused.

Roses to the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority bus drivers who had to answer the most ridiculous questions — over and over — during the Christmas/New Year’s holiday siege in Aspen.

Thorns to the mega-house construction project on Park Avenue, which has interrupted the Hunter Creek bus for months on end, in all phases of construction. Parking regulations evidently do not apply when large glass houses in Aspen are involved.

Roses to the expert groomers with the Aspen Snowmass Nordic trail system. Outstanding grooming for cross-country skiing at all locations. Special kudos to the grooming at the high school trails.

Roses to the Aspen ski patrol for finding and removing four skiers who were stuck in deep snow in a backcountry area outside of the Walsh’s run on Aspen Mountain. None of the men was injured, and they all were brought back safely. We’d also like to throw a few thorns to the skiers, who had no backcountry equipment when they went off on their little adventure. Next time they might not be so fortunate.

Thorns to Mayor Steve Skadron for getting hot and bothered about City Councilman Bert Myrin’s subtle criticisms of city government. Myrin’s comments came during Jan. 11’s meeting, and while they weren’t favorable toward the City Council, the Aspen mayor, as a leader, should keep his cool when criticism is levied his way.

A bouquet of roses for all the TSA employees, reservation agents, shuttle drivers, snowplow drivers and everyone else who helps make traveling to and around Aspen during the busy holiday season smooth, particularly one with a lot of weather. While we might have thorns for a few who weren’t as helpful, we know that for the most part you’re working hard and doing your best with a smile on your face,something easier said than done.

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