Roses and Thorns

Editor’s note: Have a rose or thorn to submit about various issues or happenings in the valley? Send yours to

Roses go to Snowmass Village voters for recalling Councilman Chris Jacobson. The fact the councilman failed to appear at so many consecutive council meetings during critical Base Village discussions proved he was not the right man for the job.

Roses to all of the Aspen residents who showed up for the two Base2 debates last week. We’re happy to see so many local residents who care enough about Aspen’s future to remain engaged in the political process.

Roses go to the astute employee at Sundance Liquor who used Google to identify a man suspected of swiping high-end bottles of Champagne, wine and scotch from several liquor stores earlier this month. The employee’s detective work paved the way for Snowmass police to get a warrant for an arrest of the suspect.

Thorns to Republic Airlines for having its outbound Aspen passengers endure lengthy delays in recent weeks. Yes, delays happen, but passengers have had to wait as long as six hours, many of them missing connections because of the waits. That’s unacceptable on many levels, and we hope Republic fixes this problem.

Roses to Terry Trish, who has delivered mail to downtown Aspen businesses for nearly 40 years. We’ll miss seeing the approachable Trish on the streets of Aspen, but we wish his wife and him an enjoyable afterlife in retirement. He’s earned it.

Roses to Dan Nelson and his team who work tirelessly for the city of Aspen to create amazing flowerscapes in the summer, maintain the downtown parks all year, manage the downtown trash and recycling receptacles and hang the beautiful holiday lights and wreaths. We’re lucky to live in a town that puts so much time and care into everyday beauty in our core.

Roses to the repavers of the pedestrian and bike path that connects Aspen to the Maroon Creek area, including the Aspen public school campus. The heavily used path was in dire need of new, smooth pavement. Thank you!

Roses to Aspen High School assistant football coach Chris Peshek, who had to step in and take over the Skiers’ football team when head coach Ryan Triece was suspended for his ejection from a game.

Thorns to part-time Aspen residents who insist on leaving their vehicles in Aspen with expired Colorado license plates. Come on — pay your fair share to our state.

Roses to the sharp-looking, loaded Jeep Wrangler that brazenly touts West Buttermilk on the sides and rear spare-tire cover. We weren’t aware living by the ’Milk had gained that much cachet (despite the astronomical prices paid for houses recently), but, hey, we like that they are owning it.

Thorns to the city of Aspen for charging more to park in the Rio Grande parking garage, $9 for 51/2 hours, than it charges to park all day in residential areas, $8. That makes no sense.