Roses and Thorns |

Roses and Thorns

Roses to petition organizers Cavanaugh O’Leary and Bert Myrin for rallying city residents to put pressure on the Aspen City Council to rescind its highly polarizing lodge-incentive ordinance. However, this is hardly a done deal. We expect the City Council to continue chipping away at creating new legislation that would offer more incentives for developers to build new lodges in Aspen. It is vital that critics of the past ordinance make their voices heard at future council meetings concerning the issue.

Thorns to whoever stocked Ruedi Reservoir with yellow perch. Now the non-native species have multiplied and created an ecological nightmare for the popular fishing lake.

Roses to the off-duty Basalt police officer who, while in Glenwood Springs, spotted a vehicle that had been reported stolen from Basalt just days earlier. The officer called the Glenwood police, who arrested two men on suspicion of aggravated motor-vehicle theft.

Thorns to the motorist who struck a moose on Owl Creek Road on Aug. 26 and left the scene. Officers had to put down the moose as a result of the crash. These things happen: drivers striking wildlife on the roads. But to abandon the scene smacks of cowardice and poor form.

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