Roses and Thorns |

Roses and Thorns

Roses to all of the jurors who had to sit through the more week-long sexual-assault trial of Peter Nardi, which resulted in a guilty verdict.

Jury selection began on April 8, and the jury delivered the verdict around 4 p.m. Friday. Indeed, it’s a civic responsibility to report for jury duty, but there’s no mistaking it’s also a major sacrifice of time when a trial goes for nearly two weeks. Kudos goes to the jurors who had to sit through a combination of painstaking and dry testimony.

Thorns also go to Nardi. No one will ever know what exactly transpired that night in question, but Nardi’s cockiness on the stand when he testified last week did him no favors whatsoever.

Roses go to the organizers of the resurrected Easter Egg hunt, which was held Sunday on the grounds of the Yellowbrick Schoolhouse. The event was not held last year at its traditional spot at the Aspen Historical Society, but came back with a flourish Sunday. And judging from the number of eggs scattered on the grounds, no hunter left with an empty basket.

Thorns go to those who insist on feeding wildlife, not only this time of the year but all times of the year. With bears coming back and reports of a mountain lion sighting in Aspen, feeding wildlife not only attracts other animals, but also results in the pampered animals losing their self-reliance for natural food sources.


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